October 26, 2008

It Goes In Like Butter

Pub & Kitchen
19th & Lombard

Brent, Bethany, Rob

Ryan (probably fixing another TV with his iPhone)


Name: Chris
Occupation: 1/4 part of the Manic Upswing Quartet
Place of Birth: Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, PA

We took our special guest to brunch at Pub & Kitchen and the interview process was a little loose. The format needed to be changed, so this week its all about little known facts and of course, the bloody marys.

Chris is already angry due to brunch interfering with football.

Rob and Chris enjoy talking about sports while Brent thinks that the $10 bloody mary isn't strong enough to keep him interesting in the conversations.

Rob doesn't like spending $3 on Coke.
(But seriously who would fucking serve a $3 coke, we're not in Europe. Coke is basically like water here. If Jesus were alive today I bet he'd bleed Coke. It is basically the non-alcoholic version of wine).
As well as not liking to spend $3 on coke, he apparently doesn't like it when his words are taken out of context.
(He needs to get over it, this isn't the Journal of Dairy Sciences).

Chris is paranoid and wants to be the official photographer, then goes on to talk about about dicks and phones.
(Apparently it was dictaphones and NOT dick and phones. My bad, it's not my fault I hear words phonetically).

Bethany shows up 14 minutes late and is always "into it."

Everyone orders the French Toast with the exception of Rob.
The brunch was 50/50. The best part of the meal was the french toast with vanilla butter & the bacon egg and cheese sandwich. The side bacon, however, had a flavor as if it was sitting in oil for as long as we had to wait for another mimosa, which was at least 20 minutes.

Rob orders a bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwich which he seemed to really enjoy because not more than 10 minutes later, everything was gone from his plate.

Rob drinks coffee for the first time, but pours cream like Corky Thatcher.

Bethany is pretty sure that Pub and Kitchen wants you to get trashed.
(Mimosas were 80% champagne, 10% Orange Juice & 10% Magical)

So because Chris was our special guest we had a few question lined up for him, in order of getting to know him better.

question 1:
If you could invite 3 people dead or alive to this brunch who would it be:

1. Sarah Palin (Chris is the Boris to her Natasha, hunting moose and squirrel together).
2. Ben Franklin (It was stated that Rob's friend wanted to get a BF tattoo, very interesting).
3. Jon Stewart (well, that was a good answer).

question 2:
If you could be any animal or insect, what would you be?

Half Scorpion/Half Tiger. (Tiger Front/Scorpion Tail) (During this we stole Chris's thunder by discussing Rob's back tattoo).

question 3:
If you could kill anyone, how would you kill them?

His first answer was: If I had one more drink I'd probably be more into this question. He then proceeds to chug his beer.

question 4:
Mrs. Butterworth, The Gerber Baby or Florence Nightingale

Fuck the syrup out of Mrs. Butterworth, Chuck the Gerber baby and Marry Florence Nightingale.
(he would also †chuck Mother Theresa†)

question 5:
how many shoes do you own

15. He then proceeds to tell us which pairs he would fuck, chuck or marry.

Believe it or not, it this is the PG version, for the R rated version please email me

Written by: Brent

Next week: Rachel via Royal Tavern