February 13, 2009

I Want Something That Tastes Delicious

♥ Special Edition: Valentine's Day 2009 ♥

7th & Chestnut

Rob and Brent

Bethany & Ryan

Special Guest(s):

Newlyweds Mike & Kelly
Occupation: Lovers
Special Talents: 33% Compatibility & showing up at just the right moment.

We decided to take our brunch guests to Jones since the atmosphere was so retro-kitsch and played into our special game so well. We decided to play The Newlywed Game, Bob Eubanks style (minus his jokes about AIDS).

Upon waiting nearly half an hour to be seated, Kelly had sent me a text saying they would be running a little late because she was at home watching Rock of Love 2. During our wait, Rob started talking about his new adventure in Weird New Jersey and setting fires to gas stations.


Starting top left going clockwise:
1. Strawberry Basil Caipirinha
(for something basil related in drink form, it was pretty good. like almost too good. like recalled peanut products good.
2. 1 fish 2 fish
(It took Kelly 20 minutes to order, telling the waiter "I want something that taste delicious" then later stated "Damn I should have asked what drink has the most alcohol." She then preceded to chip a tooth on the harden swedish fish.
3. Jones Decadent Hot Chocolate
(It had Godiva white and dark liquor topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, so it had to be good. But Rob later stated he should have gotten something cold)
4. Monkey Bread
5. Huevos Rancheros
6. Mushroom & Cheddar Omelette
7. Biscuit & Egg Sandwich
8. Potato Pancakes
9. Tomato Soup

Overall the food was good and quick. Like unusually quick. Not quick like Stewie Griffins 8 second co-worker sex. But pretty darn close.

So on to the Newlywed Game:

Question 1
When your spouse leaves the house, what time is it? Party time? Time to clean? Nap time?

I would say: Nap Time
He would say: Party Time

I would say: Party Time
She would say: Clean Up Time

Kelly-1 / Mike-0

Question 2
What one item of clothing does your spouse wear that you just can't stand?

He would say: Tall boots over jeans
For him: pair of old tapered jeans

She would say: my old boxers
For her: her "sunday panties"

Kelly-0 / Mike-0

Question 3
When your spouse wakes up in the morning she/he is likely find my _______ on her/his ______.

I would say: his "thing" on my ass
He would say: my knee in his face

I would say: knees in my back
She would say: hand on her butt

Kelly-.5 / Mike-.5
(since it was almost a match we gave them a half point each)

Question 4
Complete the following sentence: "A perfect spouse is one who _________"

I would say: cooks and cleans and loves and listen (good husband)
He would say: gives bj's daily

I would say: "give it up"
She would say: listen to my bitching.

Kelly-1 / Mike-1
(it was pretty close so we gave the both a point)

Question 5
What candy bar would your spouse choose to describe your style of making love?

I would say: peppermint patty
He would say: nutrageous

I would say: pop rocks
She would say: twix

(not sure what any of those answers meant)

Kelly-0 / Mike-0.

Final Score
Mike 1.5

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