February 6, 2009

It's Human Nature

Despite my greatest efforts on getting this blog entry up, I'm late...surprise.
This post was originally supposed to go up on Monday Feb. 2 to coincide with Groundhog's Day.

For a lack of better words, I fucked up.
Like a teeanger's period...better late than never I suppose.

Location: Marathon Grill 15th and Walnut
Attendees: Rob, Ryan, Bethany, Brent

Special Guest: Groundhog

Name: Groundhog
Occupation: Shadow Boxer
Favorite Spice: Old Spice

Ryan and Bethany shows up late. Like not Brian McMicken late, but pretty close.

We had food...but you know...it's Marathon...it's not that great.
Rob ordered something so vile that I don't remember what it was. Actually he seemed to enjoy it since it was gone in less than 4 minutes.

Ryan order some sort of steak thing with like eggs or cheese. Maybe a tortilla, maybe toast. I don't remember.

Bethany ordered a mix of things that resembled a breakfast sandwich. But your guess is as good as mine.

I order the lox and bagels. It was like caper hell.

The Groundhog was on a diet. So he didn't eat.

On to the interview or lack their of.

Question 1:
Fuck, Chuck or Marry:

1. Rocky (from Rocky and Bullwinkle)
2. Sandy Squirrel
3. Alvin, Simon, Theodore


Apparently sex questions makes our Groundhog centaur shy.

Question 2:
What is the last thing you've downloaded illegally?


Beaver porn.

Question 3:
y = log x
If y = 10, then what is x?


Question 4:
Do you like our blog?


The Groundhog thinks we're number 1

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