November 29, 2008

Jawn, Jawn, Jawn.

Location: Loie
128 S. 19th Street

Bethany, Rob, Ryan, Brent, & Partially Chris

Special Guest:

Name: Shenese
Occupation: Jawn Collector (Jaun Collector)
Steak?: VERY Well Done

Before I start... So, this is my first official "post", but unlike Ryan, I have been contributing behind the scenes. Now I'll start.

This brunch is all about Shenese (which is why Chris showed up). Chris and I were the first to arrive followed by Shenese and Brent was late. While we waited for Bethany and Ryan to arrive via SEPTA, Brent explained to us his dream about afros. He didn't elaborate. Chris "responded" by telling us that the hottest waitress was staring at him*. In walk Bethany and Ryan, unfashionably late**.

Onto the never-ending-bloody-marys-and-mimosas (they gradually get weaker).

And here comes the food. We started off with either the oatmeal, soup, or salad.

I had a mimosa, so I forget who had what.***

Before the questions started, Shenese explained to us about her wild-n-crazy weekend. It involved her Birthday, Drinking, Cars, Blackouts, Accidents, Cops and a "Favor".

Some Questions (from Chris the Perv):

Question 1: How many jawns have you juggled at once?
Answer: Shenese stated for the record that she has juggled no more than eight jawns at a time. She also stated that if by juggling Chris meant banging than, it was always one-on-one and no more than 4 per month****.

Question 2: What size do you prefer?
Answer: Shenese then states "C'mon Chris you're getting a little creepy. Especially with that mustache.*****" We all agreed, but she answered anyway. If you really wanna know, you must be a little creepy as well. Email us for the answer!

The food has arrived. Chris and I ordered the Cheval Burger.

Everyone else ordered these... I forget who got what***.

Questions, Part Deuce:

Question 3:
Fuck Chuck Marry?
Fuck Fredrick Douglas

Chuck Rerun

Marry Malcom X

Question 4: What would be your drug of choice, if you could get your hands on it?
Answer: Shenese stated that it would be MDMA, and that she'd be an avid MDMA user for sure.

Question 5: Who would you murder if you had the chance, alive or dead?
Answer: Shenese answered "Hitler! No, the first man who brought slaves from Africa... and I'd give him AIDs, I'd give him AIDs til he knew what was what."

Chris leaves at this point.

Question 6:
If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?
Answer: Shenese says "I would want to fly so I could swoop down and steal from farms if I get hungry."***

Question 7:
What is your best asset?
Answer: Shenese answers "I'd say my personality, but my jawns say my jawns."

Ryan slowly pulls up his pant leg to reveal his red socks. We continue.

Question 8:
Fuck Chuck Marry
Fuck Wiley Cyote

Chuck Porky Pig

Marry Richie Rich

There were more questions, but they were about lip gloss and Shenese's fear of asians.

Quick Food Recap:

Burger was awesome.
Potatoes not as good as Beaumont, but awesome.
Omelette was a bit rubbery and slimy.
The syrup on the oatmeal was great.


Drink Count:

Bethany - Mimosa, 7.
Brent - Mimosa, 8.
Shenese - Mimosa, 4.
Chris - Mimosa, 3. Bloody Mary, 2.
Ryan - Mimosa, 5. Bloody Mary, 2.
Me - Mimosa, 1 1/2.

Mimosas Total:

*Pfft. In his dreams.
***Note drink count.
****Should I have edited that?
*****Chris doesn't have a mustache.

Written By: Rob
Next Week: Maggie via National Mechanics

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