November 9, 2008

Mother Theresa

Location: Supper
926 South Street

Bethany, Rob, Ryan & Brent

Special Guest:

Name: Annie
Occupation: Your Internet Friend
Birthplace: Allentown, PA
Drink of Choice: Bloody Mary
Fork, Knife or Spoon: Fork

This week we brought our dish and bitch guest to Supper down on South Street right across Whole Food, which turned out to be very convenient for some.
As in for me, I had to buy a basil plant. In case you're interested, the plant is now dead.

The conversation starts out as normal with a discussion involving bloody marys and alcohol.
At this point Rob looks very uninterested in the bloody mary talk. So, I point out that he is wearing plaid...again.

The waiter comes by to take our drink orders:

Annie & Ryan both order the bloody mary.
At which Annie inhales her first one in record speed.

I order a bellini because lollipop head Giada De Laurentiis makes it seem so exotic.

Bethany orders a mimosa (not pictured)

Ryan & I both order coffee as well. Which was comparable to the coffee at Beau Monde.

And of course Rob orders a Coke but was served a Diet Coke instead. He proceeds to point to his bottle, which I assume means make sure that his first diet coke adventure makes it into the blog. It worked.

Side Note:
The bloody mary, mimosa and bellini were $11 each, which we thought was outrageous until we drank it. Ryan states that it's one of the best bloody mary that he has ever, even outside of dish and bitch territory. Bethany loves mimosas, so we knew she would love it anyway. The bellini was great, it had a distinct taste of heaven and reminiscent of liquid love. It also appeared that Supper and Rachel follow the exact same juice to liquor ratios.

During the course of the meal we met, Jen Prensky, one of the proprietors of Supper. She was very nice and recommended that we try the gingerbread donut or the banana beignets. We ordered both.
Gingerbread Donut
As you can see from the picture, Bethany mutilates the donuts. She then takes a bite and shouts "This is not a donut, it's an amazing pastry." It's true, it was like the most amazing piece of dough I have ever shoved into my face.

Banana Beignets
These beignets were very hot and knowing that Rob still shoved the whole thing into his mouth. Everyone at the table watched in utter disgust (or amazement) as he tried to chew/swallow the hot beignet whole.

After the horror washed away from our faces we proceed to order our brunch:

Ryan ordered the chilled carrot and orange soup with coconut marshmallow & mint.
I think that this is what he had. I had forgotten to write it down between the chaos of Rob almost dying and Bethany's gingerbread mutilation.

Bethany ordered the cornmeal pancakes

a side of cornbread hushpuppies and a side of bacon.

from the looks of it she was very corn happy

Annie ordered the Carolina Benny. It looked like heaven for an egg lover.
Rob then proceeds to tell Ryan that "It's your favorite" and that "He invented it" because 2 or 3 out of dish and bitch outings Ryan ordered Eggs Benedict. (So in case anyone doesn't know what to get Ryan for Christmas, it's an egg poacher).

Rob ordered the Supper Burger with the fried egg and bacon add ons. He ate everything and said it was great, but complained that the egg was a bit messy.
Later during the meal he asks Bethany if he could eat her leftover bacon. Annie was impressed and told Rob "You're young! You live your life." He did. (So now we know we can get him a gift certificate for Hatfield Bacon).

I decided to go back to my brunch roots and ordered the Supper Frittata with gruyere and chorizo.
It was amazing, and it helped me get over my irrational fear of eggs...for now.

For a short period of time the interview went off track and focused on Rob for a while. Here are some unknown facts about Rob:

1. Rob has an alcohol allergy
2. He loves bacon
3. He gave Annie iPhone envy
4. He has a motorcycle but will not ride it because he has to work tomorrow.
Annie then calls Rob a pansy biker

During this Bethany is blacked out. She wakes up to hear Annie and Rob talking about Google. Then goes back to sleep.


Question 1:

Mork from Ork

Fuck Slimer
Chuck Alf
Marry Mork

Question 2:
Would You Rather:
Be labeled a child molester or only be allowed listen to Roseanne Barr's rendition of The Star Spangle Banner for the rest of your life?


Question 3:
If you were a superhero what kind of power would you have and why?


Question 4:
What was your favorite halloween costume?

Carrie drenched in congealed blood.
Then for some strange reason that lead to the topic of milking cows

Written by: Brent

Next Week: Natasha via Café Lift

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